Redline Aviation

Colorado Plains Regional Airport
1201 North Cedar, Building 4
Akron, Colorado 80720

Mobile: 720-272-4356
Phone: 720-272-4356

With our 26 years in corporate and general aviation and an inspector authorization, Redline Aviation knows the importance of getting it right the first time.

At Redline Aviation we spend extra time testing and setting a component up after overhaul so when it comes time for installing and rigging it takes minimal effort and you only have to do it once.

The quick turn around times and one of the best warranties in the industry are hallmarks for Redline Aviation. All equipment is on a calibration schedule and Redline Aviation has a drug testing plan in place to meet all FAA repair Station Part 145 requirements.

Newspaper article from the Akron News:

Dan Jensen, general manager of Redline Aviation, first came to Akron in 2006. Jensen was working on the Front Range and he wanted to start his own business. As he said, “the Colorado Plains Regional Airport offered a place that was not too costly and Randy Hayes worked with me and helped me to get this business started.” When Jensen first came to Akron, he was licensed as a “Certificated Repair Station” by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for piston governor overhauls. Governors control the pitch of the propellers. Shortly after, Jensen added tachometer generator overhauls to the list of Redline’s capabilities. Jensen only advertised on one aviation network, but he has done work in Saudia Arabia, Mali and South Africa. Jensen decided to expand and before Christmas last year, he sent his specifications for a Turbine Governor Test Stand from Bauer Company in Connecticut. Bauer Company specifically built the test stand to Jensen’s specifications. He finally received the test stand at the beginning of June and rented Y-W’s forklift to get it off the semi, because it weighed 2,800 pounds. Jensen was only working on piston engines and this now gives him the ability to work on larger turbo engine aircraft. Jensen has also recently received a certificate, which shows his appointment by the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA); and this will allow him to perform his work for European licensed operators. EASA helped him write the supplement to his existing manual so he could get the certificate. With these two additions, Jensen has expanded his business and if all goes well, he said, “Hopefully I will be able to hire two or three people in a few months to help me.” Jensen also specializes in dynamic prop balancing, which is a procedure done with the engine of the plane running. “I have balanced seven World Champion show planes over the years,” said Jensen. This also helps the local ag sprayers in keeping their planes in tip tip shape. Redline offers a specialized service with the prop balancing and the ability to work on governors governors and there are few places in the United States that offer that specialized service. “In the near future, I will be holding an open house so that community members can come out and see what I am offering and see my new test stand. I don’t think many people know what I do and what the airport can offer. There is a lot of opportunity at the airport and Randy Hayes is trying to get the word out and so am I. I am planning on staying here and hopefully see in the future what opportunities come in to the airport,” .