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Colorado Plains Regional Airport
1201 North Cedar, Building 4
Akron, Colorado 80720

Phone: 720-272-4356

Redline Aviation Propellers

With our 26 years in corporate and general aviation and an inspector authorization, Redline Propeller knows the importance of getting it right the first time.



What is Custom Dynamic Prop Balancing?

At Redline Aviation, we spend the time to make your engine prop combination run as smooth as possible. If it takes 1 hour or all day, rest assured that Redline Aviation will get it right. From a T -craft to turbo prop, Redline Aviation can do it. With seven World and Grand Champions among Redline Aviation customers, your show plane will receive special care.

Consider this comparison with the tires on your car.  Custom Dynamic Prop Balancing is compared to the difference between spin balancing your tires versus bubble balancing them. 

A properly balanced engine/Prop can save on:

  • Cowling and baffling crack repairs
  • Avionics and instrument repairs
  • Rotating component premature wear
  • Pilot fatigue